ASTRO Gaming A50

Brand ASTRO Gaming
Model A50 Wireless
Connectivity Technology RF, Wired
Form Factor In Ear
Wireless Range Up-to 30ft
Surround Sound Dolby Headphone
USB Output 5.0V – 200mA
Transducer Principle Open Air
Microphone 6.0mm unidirectional noise canceling
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20KHz
Nominal Impedance 48 ohms
Power Supply USB Micro-B (USB 2.0 compatible)
Battery life 15+ hours
Drivers 40MM Neodymium magnet
Weight 3.23 pounds

In its 1st look, the receiver is most appealing and offers over 15 hours of battery life yet as glorious sound with 7.1 Dolby surround sound options.

As you recognize such specs return up with higher value than a standard gaming astro headset. this is why you have got to invest over $300 for this astro a50 headset.

Astro A50 Appearance & style

Let me justify one thing: as I actually have already mentioned in specifications that the Astro A50 comes with 2 color choices.

The Blue + Black color combination is created for Playstation users, whereas the green + gray combination is created for XBox One users. each versions are compatible with computer, so computer gamers don’t need to worry that one to settle on from.

The color combos are extremely stunning. each versions look nice and provides a premium look.

One fascinating concerning these themes is that each are just like color scheme of several gaming consoles.

It suggests that the company has tried to well add beauty to your gaming accessories.

The microphone are often bent and turned per headphone position overhead. Another feature of Astro A50 mic is auto-mute, which implies you simply need to click it in its upright position.

Overall, the fabric is basically sturdy and wouldn't break simply, unless hit it with hammer or strive an attempt of gun.

Nothing are often expected from Astro A50 without its base station. Slim in style and powerful in performance the base station is nice in each side.

The shiny black color of base adds abundant to the perfection of the astro headset.

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Astro A50 Setup

By joining the tiny accessories a powerful gaming gadget comes into fruition. this is often truly true concerning Astro A50.

The headset comes with an optical port that helps it to attach with different devices. additionally you can connect it to different devices by different available choices like speaker cable.

Once you have got connected it to different devices like PS4, Ps3, PC, or XBox 360, it initial synchronize with those devices that is kind of simple and synchronize completes in no time.

Remember: if you don’t know how to attach the headphones (which obviously is extremely easy) then the fast begin Guide might prove useful for you.

For putting in Astro A50 you would like to plug-into the USB and optical ports. By pressing the button initial on transmitter then on astro headset, the synchronization can begin.

When completion of syncing method, you're prepared to use the headphones. However, you have got to synchronize again if you prefer to attach it to different device for correct operating of headset.

Remember: If you're using Astro A50 headset on PlayStation 3, rather than PS4, switch audio from settings menu. the process is simple however might annoy beginner gamers who are less tech-savvy.

Astro A50 Base Station – Software

The Astro A50 contains a software to customize its sound. If there's a sound drawback in your astro headset you'll tweak the sound by downloading the Command Center software from Astro official website.

Astro must focus currently on its software. Sadly the software is recent fashioned: suggests that the software lacks retina show updates and you have got to update the software each time there's a brand new update.

The software still lacks several options and isn't user friendly.

Despite its imperfections, the software works imposingly. even if it's not user friendly, it works sort of a charm in tweaking the astro.

The software contains settings for Streaming that helps to regulate sounds of microphone, chat, game and auxiliary audio. satisfy is to mention that not only you can change equivalent, you can also produce custom equivalent then synchronize it to the astro headset for custom sound effects.

In addition, the advanced setting tab (in dialogue box) is completely dedicated for audiophiles. My recommendation isn't to go for this tab if you do not understand a lot of concerning sound and sound effects.

Astro A50 Performance & options

Astro A50 comes with a outstanding feature “accelrometer” that automatically detects position of the astro headset.

It remains on whenever you're using the it and it's in vertical position on your astro headset. The sensor switches off the astro headset if you're not using it and therefore the astro headset is placed on horizontal position.

Sadly, it simply stops enjoying music once it's in horizontal position, however the astro headset remains working and draining battery unendingly. So, it'd be higher leave the receiver on its base station than effort it on table.

The draw back is that the base station lose connection when a nonstop use for longer time. that's to mention continuous plugging in and unplugging can leave you with not choice however to use the backup USB charging cable.

So, the higher plan is to use the USB charging cable additional usually than directly plugging it in base station for charging. However, the base station is that the best choice, albeit risky.

As you recognize this is the wireless astro headset, it uses 5GHz frequency. The wireless vary of this technology is average and offers vary up-to 30ft. however the closer you're to the laptop, the higher the connection and sound will be.

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  • Diverse connectivity options
  • Durable and Easy to use
  • Excellent mic performance
  • Soft, comfy earcups
  • Immersive surround sound
  • Very expensive
  • Mic performance is not up-to the mark
  • Limited color options