Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition

The Vertagear Triigger 350 is a wonderful chair to begin off our list. the reason for this is often because the Triigger presents an interesting fusion between a workplace chair and a gaming chair. specifically, the Vertagear 350 is a mesh-backed gaming chair; mesh backs are nearly used in office chairs.

While you’ll need to have the cash handy to shop for this chair if you wish this profit, this offers a unique niche that several alternative gaming chairs cannot. but, it also leads to be a chair type that people love or hate as a result.

For one, the body part support on this chair is great. in addition, the mesh material means it's wonderful airflow. For anyone who tends to get warm, sweaty, or otherwise uncomfortable whereas gaming or working, this chair can facilitate alleviate the problem.

Unfortunately, because of its mesh construction, this chair isn't meant for everybody. Imagine how a mesh chair is made. Usually, mesh chairs are designed with a round frame that mesh is then stretched over. while this makes for a supremely comfortable chair for many people, imagine how that would feel if you were sitting on the frame a part of the chair?

As you may imagine, this makes this chair, and plenty of mesh-backed chairs, uncomfortable for larger people. If possible, it'd be best to do this chair before buying it if you're thinking that this may cause you issues.

Other than the mesh, the Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition and standard edition also go along with many alternative great features. particularly, the chair has some fitting controls located below the armrests – like triggers – hence the chair’s name. in addition, the chair is incredibly quiet, and it’s created with many noise-suppressing options built-in.

All in all, this is often a wonderful chair, however only as long as you discover it comfortable. As long as you can both afford it and check out it initially to make sure it’s comfortable, it’s undoubtedly a wonderful pick.

  • Mesh construction helps prevent sweat
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Advanced construction materials
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for larger individuals

noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

The noblechairs Epic is a similar providing to the Secretlab Titan on top of in that it’s a premium, customizable, and incredibly high-end gaming chair. The noblechairs brand, however, relies in Berlin, and also the style of their chairs is slightly different than what Secretlab should provide.

The first thing you’ll notice concerning the Epic is that it's the twin windows that several racing-style gaming chairs have. These windows facilitate offer some further ventilation throughout intense gameplay and create the most difference between the noblechairs line and therefore the Secretlab line.

The Epic also comes in many additional colors and styles than the Titan does. It additionally comes in an extra material: the Epic is available in Pu leather, real leather, napa leather, and a vinyl/PU leather hybrid. It doesn't, however, have a cloth choice just like the Titan and its counterparts. As such, if you’re trying to find a cloth-covered chair, the Epic isn't for you.

apart from that, the noblechairs Epic also doesn’t have integrated lumbar support. However, the chair will accompany a body part pillow included. while internal lumbar support is a bit additional customizable since you can set it to only the level you would like, a pillow is the next best thing.

The Epic is supposed to support up to 256 lbs, which is superb for its class. just like the Titan, the value of the Epic depends on the materials you select. the least expensive is that the Pu leather choice, which puts it around mid-tier in terms of affordability, whereas the most pricey is the napa leather. The napa leather choice puts this chair at an additional premium value point.

  • Ventilation windows
  • Several material options
  • Variable price points
  • Highly customizable
  • No cloth option
  • Lack of lumbar support is disappointing for such an expensive chair

noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

The noblechairs Icon is the European brother of the Omega we simply checked out on top of. Overall, the Icon looks to have a rather classier look, and it’s not offered in a very cloth option, similar to the Epic. the color selections for this chair are slightly additional reserved than those of its Secretlab competitors.

If you’re searching for a high-quality gaming chair in the mid-tier value vary, you can’t go wrong with either Secretlab or noblechairs. In fact, the offerings between the 2 tend to be pretty similar (however, note that if you live in the us, it can be tougher to get your hands on one, since you can’t get directly from noble chairs).

Both the Omega and therefore the Icon have cold foam cushions, many types of leather, and both mid-tier and premium value choices. They even look similar, although their silhouettes are slightly different.

Unfortunately, wherever the Icon looks to fall behind is with its enclosed pillows. If you’ve full-fledged the any of the Secretlab chairs’ pillows before, the Icon’s pillows can merely feel disappointing in comparison.

All in all, the Icon is, more or less, identical because of the Secretlab Omega but with a European spin. The Omega positively wins once it involves comfortable pillows, but if you're feeling partial to the Icon for any specific reason, it’s after all potential to buy higher pillows from elsewhere to compensate for this.

The lack of a covering option for this chair may disappoint some buyers yet – like, as an example, those with cats who may harm a leather chair – however, all in all, it’s still a superb chair, if appealing to a rather smaller audience.

  • High quality for a reasonable price
  • Ranges from mid-range to premium price
  • Unique styling and color options
  • Doesn’t have much more to offer than the Secretlab Omega, which is easier to buy in the US
  • No cloth option

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Corsair can be a big-name company you didn’t expect to visualize on this lineup. Of course, we all know Corsair for making glorious mice, keyboards, internal elements, and even full prebuilt PCs, however you'll not have known that they need a couple of gaming chairs on the market, too.

The T2 Road someone doesn’t look that a lot of completely different than a regular racing-style gaming chair, however there are some things that build it stand out from the rest. the most noticeable of those are the rollerblade-style wheels on the chair rather than caster wheels.

Have you ever had a gaming or workplace chair that got stuck on clothes, blankets, or rugs once you rolled over them? The roller-style wheels on the T2 should be far better at managing these terrain quirks than normal caster wheels.

Unlike several of the opposite chairs in this lineup, the T2 only comes in PU/PVC leather – no real leather or material choices here. However, that also means that it comes in at a more stable worth with fewer fluctuations.

Unfortunately, this chair will have some flaws that may knock it out of the running for a few people. Firstly, note that this is a very firm chair – it tends to figure best for “big and tall” people. the back wings of the chair also tend to inhibit arm movement, therefore people who like better to lean back in their chair or those with broad shoulders might take offense to this.

The color offerings on this chair additionally appear to be a touch lacking. other than one colored stripe down the middle of the chair and a few colored stitching, the chair itself isn’t all that interesting.

However, other than that, the T2 features a mostly-comparable build quality to the Secretlabs and noblechairs we checked out on top of, complete with cold foam and even a steel frame inside the chair.

  • Reliably priced
  • Carpet and blanket-friendly wheels
  • Excellent for big and tall individuals
  • Can be too firm
  • Restricts arm movement
  • Only one material choice
  • Lackluster color choices

noblechairs HERO

The noblechairs Hero is yet one more providing from the German company that created the Icon. Overall, the 2 chairs are quite similar – their most distinctive difference is in look. However, the Hero will have a couple of noticeable upgrades that build the worth jump between the Icon and Hero worthwhile.

Firstly, you’ll notice that the Hero has “wings” on the aspect that are very different from the Icon. These “wings” facilitate to cage your head and body in place while you sit in the chair. If you’re the kind to lay your head to the side and take a quick nap or rest whereas you work or play, you’ll appreciate these additional supports, however larger individuals could find them uncomfortable.

That being said, the Hero is, overall, designed to be a lot of well-suited to larger people. each the seat and the back of the chair are wider, and while each the Icon and Hero are rated to support a similar amount of weight (about 330 lbs), the Hero offers noticeably a lot of upper-body support, wherever the Icon takes on a lot of of a stylistic edge.

The noblechairs Hero comes in similar color choices to the Icon, which is especially black with colored stitching. However, the element Pu selection also comes during a branded SK gaming version for fans.

The most crucial difference between the Hero and the Icon (and the rest of the chairs on this list thus far) is body part support. The noblechairs Hero is one in all the primary chairs on this list with integrated body part support, that you change with a dial on the aspect of the chair. This operate mimics the body part support you can generally realize in vehicles, but rarely in pc chairs. The integrated, adjustable support offers you the flexibility to fine-tune your support over a pillow allows.

Keep in mind that the Hero and all of noblechairs’ offerings are tough to seek out in the USA since you can't get them organized directly from the manufacturer.

  • Excellent for larger individuals
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Several material options
  • More upper-body support
  • Difficult to purchase in the US
  • No cloth option

Vertagear SL-4000

The SL4000 from Vertagear is a very different given from the Triigger we checked out earlier. Namely, the SL4000 is a lot of of a classically-styled gaming chair, complete with a softback (not mesh just like the Triigger) and airflow windows. Like other different gaming chairs, the model is created with Pu leather, although disappointingly, it only comes in this material.

Fortunately, while this chair only comes in one material, this material will are available in many eye-catching colors – specifically, many bright combos of red, green, blue, black, and white. it's a big style and color advantage over the previous Corsair T2 we checked out.

The Vertagear SL4000 truly comes with a unique upgrade feature: this gaming chair has upgradable caster wheels. you can choose from 2.5-inch and 3-inch wheels, with the extra choice of standard or auto-locking. while this is a pleasant feature, replacing the wheels on your chair with higher ones are some things you could do simply (and cheaply) yourself.

The general agreement about this chair is that it's very, very firm. fortunately, each of the back and the base of the chair are broad. although the chair itself is rated for the most weight of 330 lbs, the recommended weight is only 200, thus this model isn’t meant for large individuals. Take a glance at the SL5000 for that.

Whereas many of the chairs in this bracket that we’ve looked at have had cold foam inserts, the SL4000 has high resiliency foam instead. This foam is meant to be incredible but, however it’s abundant firmer than the a lot of balanced feel of the Secretlab and noblechairs offerings we’ve checked out.

All in all, this is often a very good chair, and it positively nails things in the visual department. However, from a quality-for-price stance, the chair is a bit disappointing.

  • Looks great
  • Several good color options
  • Wheel upgrades available
  • Lacking in material choices
  • Low weight limit
  • Very firm
  • Overly expensive for features offered

Corsair T3 Rush

The Corsair T3 Rush is an exciting giving from Corsair and one we actually like. It occupies a worth purpose between mid-range and cheap, and unlike any of the opposite chairs we’ve seen thus far, it only comes in cloth. There aren't any faux-leather or real leather choices for this chair.

If you’re searching for a cloth chair, this can be an excellent bonus, of course. However, the lack of leather choices can build this chair undesirable for some people. the general build quality of the chair is also slightly but the mid-range offerings we’ve seen; as an example, some elements that may be metal on the mid-range chairs are plastic on this chair.

This chair comes in 3 totally different colors, all variations on gray. whereas the 3 grey color schemes are stylish, they don’t offer identical levels of color and visual interest that several gamers need.

Some may view this as a minus.

It’s evident by looking at the T3 that the padding used for it's a touch thinner than the other chairs we’ve checked out. As such, both because of this and since of its bucket-style seating, it’s not time for larger people. on that note, the most weight of this chair is a bit over 250 lbs.

All in all, if you’re searching for a fabric chair, this is a wonderful choice, especially if you’re willing to offer up some premium options in return for a higher worth. However, for anyone who’s on the larger facet or searching for a leather chair, this is not a choice.

  • Good price for the quality
  • Cloth material
  • No non-cloth options
  • Not suitable for larger persons
  • Only available in grey


The GTRACING pro is one of the most common gaming chairs you’ll see out there these days. It’s one of the cheapest gaming chairs out there that has the authentic racing styling to it. while this implies you may end up sacrificing a touch in quality, it’s the simplest way to get the racing chair look if that actually matters to you.

Despite being rather cheap, the GT racing professional is quite comfy. the look and colors on this chair do look a touch generic, but that’s to be expected of a chair at this value point. luckily, the client service for this chair is unbelievably good, therefore any defects that may come from its inexpensiveness are simple to fix (as long as you’re among the guarantee, that is).

Surprisingly, this chair will support a full 330 lbs, which can compete with a number of the best on our list. because the chair isn’t overly broad, it'd not be applicable for larger individuals, but the necessary factor is that it will support them.

All in all, there’s not all that a lot of that stands out regarding this chair (except the value, that is), but it makes up for that by being dependable. It lasts an amazingly long time, it's the design of a real gaming chair, and the Pu leather is easy to wash. Of course, there isn’t a real leather choice, but what else are you able to expect from a budget chair?

If you’ve ever in hand a DXRacer chair, you’ll notice that the GTRACING chair is modeled similarly.

  • Sturdy and solid
  • East to use and clean
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent customer service
  • PU leather only
  • Very generic-looking
  • Limited color and style options

Herman Miller Aeron

You might heard of the Herman Miller before, or at least one of the chairs in the Herman Miller. The Aeron is that the initial chair in our “office chairs” group – chairs that are created for the desk worker instead of gamers exclusively. However, as you would possibly expect, they work equally well for gamers.

The claim to fame for this chair is that it’s designed to contour to your body exactly. Ostensibly, it'll be incredibly comfortable whereas, at a similar time, promoting good posture. It’s supposed to be the simplest possible workplace chair for your back and body health.

However, the health of your back apparently comes at a worth. This chair starts at four figures, and if you wish specialized upgrades like adjustable armrests and a tilt performance, you wish to pay even a lot of. This chair nearly belongs in a very price bracket all its own – super-premium, if you'll.

The price of the chair is a bit a lot of understandable after you see that it comes with a regular twelve-year warranty. This chair is made to last, and if for a few reason a part of it breaks before that guarantee is up, Herman Miller can, ostensibly, replace or fix it.

Note, first, that the Aeron comes in 3 totally different sizes (A, B, and C, from smallest to largest).

Any prospective buyers can also need to know that the chairs are created in the USA. It’s additionally possible, despite the posture-correcting options of the chair, to feel the frame through the seat and back.

You would assume that, with this chair being thus expensivethen customizable, it might have each adjustment below the sun. However, there are 2 that are obviously missing: seat depth and back height, unfortunately.

  • Excellent for back and body health
  • Made in the USA
  • Breathable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Exceptional warranty
  • Missing some features
  • Must pay more for extra features
  • Extremely expensive

Herman Miller Embody

As you may have guessed, the Embody, another chair from Herman Miller, is equally luxurious (and expensive) to the Aeron we checked out earlier. In fact, even additional thus than the Aeron, the Embody is concerned with pressure distribution and natural alignment.

If you check out the back of the chair – we’ll include an image of it below – you’ll notice that the Embody appearance a bit strange, even gimmicky. the company calls it “pixelated support,” and it consists of a series of spine-like supports that are modeled after the human body. By completing what they decision a “backfit adjustment,” the chair learns what fits you best and responds consequently whenever you move.

This all sounds a bit difficult, doesn’t it? Well, the technology concerned promises to form an incredibly comfortable chair, but that’s to be expected for the beginning value point of this chair. this is the most pricy chair in our lineup by base value alone, and that’s not as well as the optional upgrades which will be concerned.

While the Embody is a wonderful chair for anyone who spends a big quantity of your time performing at their desk, the company itself recommends that those with back issues or other spinal challenges use it. To be fair, if you have back issues that often bring home pricy medical or therapy bills, it'd actually be well worth the outrageous price of this chair if it might facilitate offset a number of them.

That being said, though, for the typical young, healthy gamer or desk worker, this chair is a ton of overkill. Also, keep in mind that the Embody is kind of difficult to assemble because of its several individual items and functions. As such, though it’s cool-looking and nice for people with back issues, we can’t really suggest it for the typical user unless your cash is actually burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Excellent for back health
  • Very comfortable
  • Our most expensive chair
  • Gimmicky and unnecessary (unless you have back problems)
  • Difficult to assemble