Herman Miller Embody

Material Aluminum
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds

Both the Sayl and also the Leap have a small bit of additional adjustability than the Embody and are easier to make, however the Leap and the Embody feel just a touch more durable. The Embody is the costliest of the group.

Performance Comparison

To see that office chairs are very the best space seating solutions around, we bought all the most promising chairs and tested them side-by-side for months on finish till we were able to choose our award winners. we rated every chair on its comfort, durability, adjustability, and simple assembly, with the Embody's results mentioned below.


Our most important metric out of the complete group, our comfort assessments are responsible for the largest component of the final score for every chair at 500th.

we had a group of testers rate and score their overall impression of every chair when it came to comfort after using them for a minimum of 8-10 hours, additionally as having them rate and rank however comfortable the back, armrests, and seat of each chair.

in addition, we also had each judge confirm however long they could well sit in every chair. The Herman Miller Embody Office seat got good grades no matter how you look at it, procuring it a 7 out of 10 evaluated.

The majority of the testers all in agreement that this chair was one of the most comfortable once it came to the seat, tho' there was one who decide who didn't like this chair at all, rating it quite poorly in each single one of our comfort tests.

A similar held true once it came to deciding the comfort of the backrest, with all the judges with the exception of the lone dissident rating them as one of the highest 3 most comfortable.

The Herman Miller Embody did a touch worse when it came to armrests, with some of our judges rating them rather more average than superb in terms of comfort, however each single decision did score them average or higher than — even the one tester who wasn't keen on the Embody.

When it came to what number hours you'll comfortably sit in the Embody, this judge could only sit in it for regarding 4 hours before calling it equal, whereas everyone else was quite happy to use this chair from Herman Miller for 9-10 hours easy.


Our next rating metric constitutes 35th of the ultimate score for each chair and is again targeted on the backrest, seat, and armrests {of every|of every} chair — this point rating each product on the vary of motion on the market to you in these categories.

we also checked out the reclining mechanism of every chair and if you're able to easily set up the chair therefore you're sitting correctly, in step with ergonomic tips.

The Herman Miller Embody again did well, earning an 8 out of 10.

The back on this chair will have lumbar support, however we were quite unsuccessful that you can't change the height of it, only the quantity of curvature.

The backrest on this chair will come up quite high and it's 4 completely different stop points that you can set as tilt limiters when reclining.

The armrests are quite adjustable, permitting you to move them up and down or nearer or more to you, however you cannot move them forward or backward or swivel them.

However, the seat does supply a full vary of adjustability, letting you progress the seat pan forward or backward, additionally as a generous vary of motion when it involves up and down.

The reclining tension adjustment knob is responsive and very accessible and that we didn't realize it to be a problem at all to get this chair into an edge that allows you to sit down correctly.


Next, we evaluated however durable and durable each chair felt, answerable for 100% of the final score.

in addition to our own impressions of however every chair held up to our testing procedure, we also analyzed several user reviews of this chair that we could realize and took the warrant period into consideration when deciding the Embody's final score. It did fine, earning a 9 out of 10.

There are not a lot of reviews of this chair, with the most common complaint being that it arrived broken — and there have been only some instances of that.

we found the chair to be quite durable, tho' we could see wherever the rest padding might undergo some wear and tear after years of use.

This chair also earned some points for having a powerful 12 year warranty period.

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Ease of Assembly

For the last portion of the score, we judged every chair on how much of a problem it was to take away and build.

This accounts for the last five-hitter of the overall score, with the Embody worth a 5 out of 10 for its comparatively lackluster showing.

This chair came largely assembled, however still took us the longest to get fully designed — over 45 minutes.

we struggled to get the screws in, hampered by apparently sloppy tolerances or distorted threads, and that we were very grateful for the Torx screw heads, as we were quite convinced that we'd have stripped them if they were Phillips head.

we tend to might have gotten a dud, however we'd have expected the QC to be a touch higher on this expensive product.

On prime of that, the assembly directions were a touch lackluster and could have been a touch clearer. However, we did grasp the design eventually without any major problems or headaches.

  • Appears quite durable
  • very adjustable
  • Exceptionally expensive
  • Harder to assemble