Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG

Masterbox series cases are known as a result of their prices and options that alternative cases lack for a similar value. we've got mentioned some expensive or exceptional Cooler Master cases during this list, however this one may be a budget case and may be used for compact builds. the inside and exterior of Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG are coloured in black, and 3 color trims come with it thus you'll match it along with your motherboard. it's a dark mirror on the front panel and a broad Acrylic aspect panel from that you'll see RGB lights and different things within the case.

This casing supports mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards and features a sound cable management system. It keeps 2 fans on the front, intakes air, and one fan on the rear aspect, that makes smart flow. it's 2 3.5 inches slots for bay drives, one 2.5 inches slot, and 4 growth slots. It supports massive size CPU coolers up to 158mm and graphics cards up to 380mm and supports multiple graphics cards. there's a cable rounding tray behind the motherboard, that permits the most effective cable management within the case.

This case provides a pretty look, has a sleek style, an oversized size glass on the correct aspect, and you'll also work massive GPUs and CPU coolers in it. This case is cheap, however there are another low cost choices too, with a similar options set. This case doesn’t support ATX motherboards, however there's an identical model that you will get for some a lot of greenbacks.

If you're searching for a budget-friendly Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX case, Cooler Master MasterBox fatless 3.1 is that the most suitable option for you. There may well be another cheaper cases than this one, however it provides excellent price for its value.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best cable management system.
  • Supports large-size coolers and GPUs.
  • Doesn’t supports ATX cases.
  • A bit pricy than other budget cases.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

We are back with another Cooler Master case, however this one comes with enough performance and a premium worth purpose. The launch worth was high, however there's a worth visit the MSRP, and you'll get it for a way low price these days. not like the H510, this one includes a removable mesh front, and lifesize light-weight gray tinted tempered glass, which provides wonderful flow of air and fancy appearance. This case has cable covers, CPU cutout covers, and PSU shroud and supports a 360mm radiator on prime or front.

This case supports nearly each motherboard, as well as E-ATX, that is used in enthusiast builds, and cable management is additionally sensible. This case comes with 2 pre-installed 200mm fans and supports 5 fans, from that 2 are on the front, two on top, and one on the rear facet. It supports graphics cards up to 412mm and may be mounted vertically using the e-raiser cables. There are 2 slots for bay drives for 3.5 inches, 2 places for 2.5 inches, and 9 expa, tension slots. It comes with a integral RGB controller, that permits dominant RGB lights among the case with ease.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P is a superb case in its category however could be a bit pricy and doesn’t offer the most effective worth for its worth. This case has everything you would like however lacks a USB 3.1 Type-C port, that is extremely common in recreation cases. However, it's the most effective and reliable cable management system, includes a integral RGB controller, and economical cooling technology. This case isn't for enthusiast builds or has premium options, however it's still worthd at a premium price purpose. If you favor aesthetics with the most effective air cooling, i'd suggest this case, however provided that you'll afford it.

  • Built-in RGB controller.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Strong cable management.
  • Expensive.
  • Lacks USB Type-C port.
  • Doesn’t give the best value for the price.

NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1

NZXT is extremely successful in selling their computer cases; they provide a gorgeous look that each gamer loves. However, some users have rumored that their cases are not any sensible in terms of flowing. NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 may be a compact mid-tower case that comes in 3 totally different color schemes. These color schemes match most of the newest motherboards, and you'll choose them in step with your selection. This case provides aesthetics and glorious thermal and acoustic and one amongst the company’s most far-famed lineups.

NZXT H510 has seven growth slots and supports ATX motherboards with a much better cable management system than alternative cases. This case’s body is formed from steel and tempered glass on the proper side and has matte black color throughout the case. For cooling, it supports four fans, from that 2 are on the front panel and intakes air, one on high and one on the rear side. you'll additionally get 2 Aer F120mm fans within the box put in on the front panel. If you're super crazy regarding overclocking and temperatures, you'll add water cooling systems and custom loops.

As I said, earlier NZXT cases are designed so they limit the flowing within the case. Having metal front and glass on the aspect may prohibit flowing just in case, however if you would like to get the simplest flowing, i might suggest you to use static pressure fans on the front panel. If you mount a 140mm fan on the highest aspect, it'd block the eight-pin connecter on the Motherboard. Also, the GPU holding screws setup is outdated in this case.

If you favor aesthetics and RGB, this case is formed for you, however the flowing isn't the simplest in its category. This case hurts with the metal front panel, and it'll be over enough if it's created from mesh.

Thermaltake Core G3

Thermaltake is another supposed whole providing the simplest price product for many years. Their product ar renowned for style points and value, same as of Cooler Master. Thermaltake Core G3 ATX could be a slim tower case and might be used for any little kind issue build. This case’s interior and exterior ar coloured in black, and it's created of steel. If you haven’t used slim cases before, you would possibly notice it strange as a result of its front and rear aspect doesn’t look the same as mid-tower cases we typically use.

The Core G3 comes with 2 120mm Turbo fans put in on the front panel. within the case, there are 2 slots for bay drives; it’s up to you either you put in 2 3.5 inches drives or 2 2.5 inches drives. There ar 2 growth slots on the rear of the chassis, and you'll be able to install any dual-slot graphics card, however you can’t use multiple graphics cards or PCIe x1 slots. because it could be a slim size case, you can’t install massive size coolers and PSUs on that, or they're going to conflict with the proper panel. there's mounting space for the fan on the highest of the case, and you'll be able to install a 120mm fan, that blows air on the graphics card.

Core G3 supports ATX, micro-ATX, and every one different motherboards; but, your GPU should be placed vertically victimization e-raiser cables. you'll be able to install multiple fans on the front panel, and if you're about to use a liquid cooler, you'll be able to additionally use a 240mm radiator. This case is correct for LAN gamers as a result of it’s light-weight and straightforward to hold. Cable management, during this case, isn't that sensible, however it’s wholly up to you the way you manage it. Overall, this casing is best for slender or SFF builds and weighs approx. 9.3 pound makes it best for LAN gamers and is that the most cost-effective case on this list. If you're searching for one thing that provides aesthetics and wonderful cooling, you would possibly higher go with NZXT H510.

  • Attractive look.
  • Best for LAN gamers.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Supports all types of motherboards.
  • Only two expansion slots.
  • Cable management is not that good.
  • GPU needs to be installed vertically through e-riser cables.

Fractal Design Meshify C

Fractal style isn't that widespread however building its name among its customers for many years by giving quality product for an affordable value. Meshify C is their casing line up, and it’s accessible in several colours and sizes. This specific model is coloured in black and doesn’t have side tempered glass. Its style won't provide your computer some fancy appearance, because it lacks tempered glass, and innovation is easy. form style cases are low-cost, however they free these light-weight models and shocked the chassis business.

Fractal style Meshify C is a full tower chassis and supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. It helps seven fans, from that 3 will be mounted on the front panel, 3 on high, and one on the rear side. This case additionally comes with 2 pre-installed fans from that one is on the front side, and also the different one is on the backside. This case supports 2 3.5 inches and 3 2.5 inches exhausting drives. you can install virtually each computer hardware cooler and graphics card thereon, and most of the normally used models are totally compatible with it.

This casing fits best for ATX motherboards and contains a ton of space within it to raised cool the component’s flow of air flow. One bad factor with this case is it’s massive} however still doesn’t support big enthusiast sized Motherboards. If you've got to put in 3 fan radiators, it'd got to take away the bay drives cage. Also, it lacks aspect tempered glass, whereas for many a lot of bucks, you'll be able to get the tempered glass version of it.

So, my final words are this case has everything you're trying to find, comes with nice options for a very cheap value. Overall, in my opinion, for any budget or mid-end build, this case is a perfect piece however be in mind that you just ar ignoring tempered glass.

  • Best for ATX motherboards.
  • Available in different colours and models.
  • This case has enough room for large heatsinks and GPUs.
  • No tempered glass.
  • Installing fans need bay drive cage removal.
  • You can’t install extended ATX motherboards.

CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB

Corsair is a top-notch vice peripherals whole, and therefore the reason behind their success is high-quality products and reasonable costs. Crystal Series 460X RGB comes with two-panel tempered glass and 3 RGB SP120 fans mounted on the front panel. you would possibly be thinking, what will this SP mean? Corsair fans are available 2 models specializing in air flow AKA AF, and therefore the alternative one is Static Pressure or SP, and each area unit quiet and best in performance. This casing comes in black color and is created from steel and tempered glass. This case is built well and packs all of your elements within the best thanks to offer air flow and aesthetics each.

CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB comes with seven expansion slots and supports ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards with multiple graphics card setup. As i discussed earlier, it comes with 3 pre-installed fans on the front panel, one 120mm fans house on the rear facet, and 2 140mm fans mounting areas on the highest facet. This casing is intended in such the simplest way to grant most cooling to all or any the components within it. there's mounting space for 2 3.5 inches hard drives and 3 a pair of.5 inches SSDs or laptop-grade HDDs. you'll be able to install a C.P.U. cooler with a most height of 170mm and a graphics card of length 370mm.

This casing’s main and purpose is two-sided tempered glass and pre-installed RGB fans; but, the RGB controller lacks shut down the operate. there's restricted house for cable management as a result of its tiny size. It supports 3 120mm fans for the front, however you can’t install 3 fans 120mm radiators on it; also, it doesn’t keep long power provides. the amount of bay drives isn't enough for enthusiast builds however acceptable. Overall if you're trying to find nice aesthetics and cooling answer, this case is created for you. Its worth isn't high, a bit like different Corsair products, and provides options found in premium cases. However, you can’t carry this casing because it isn't built for that purpose.

  • Two-sided tempered glass.
  • Supports multiple graphics cards.
  • Supports three 120mm fans on the front panel.
  • Doesn’t support three fans radiator.
  • Limited space for cable management.
  • RGB controller lacks turn off the function.

Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M

There we've got another Cooler Master case for you which appearance attractive and is that the best in its category. Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M is constructed with high-quality metal and has all the premium feature an enthusiast laptop demands. This case’s combination is silver, and also the interior is coloured black, which supplies it a sexy look. The flowing system of this case is high enough, and it will with efficiency settle down high-end CPUs. Also, therewith cooling, you're not aiming to hear the noise of fans even below full load as a result of they're created in such the way to form noise at the minimum level.

MasterCase SL600M supports each variety of motherboard, as well as mini-ITX to extended ATX, having 9 growth slots. This motherboard doesn’t have fans mounting area on the front or rear panel; instead, it's prime and bottom. On the highest facet, you'll install up to 2 140mm fans and one 200mm fan, and on very cheap, there's mounting space for 2 200mm fans. This fan arrangement offers the simplest flowing inside the case and funky down all of your components. you'll install 2 three.5 inches laborious drives and up to eight 2.5 inches laborious drives thereon. there's enough area for graphics cards, and you'll additionally use any huge size C.P.U. cooler, up to 191mm tall, with this chassis.

This chassis is best for you if you don’t like noisy fans or your laptop largely runs on high load. It comes with a standard I/O style having one USB 3.1 Type-C port and a number of other high-speed USB ports on the front panel. It additionally includes a proximity device that lightens up the USB ports in order that you can install USB cables within the dark, however it’s too sensitive. This casing’s rear facet appearance quite completely different from alternative chassis, and it lacks PSU remote switch and rear fan mounting space. it's seven growth slots, that are placed horizontally, and 2 are placed vertically. Overall, it’s the right alternative for tiny type issue computers, however it’s not the proper alternative for computer network gamers. you'll use it for home, gaming, and workplace builds, however there are another decisions if you're looking for one thing bling. i'd advocate you concentrate on this if you would like a delicate look and might afford its premium value.

  • Proximity Sensor.
  • Modular I/O design.
  • High-quality Aluminum build.
  • Minimum noise out of the cabinet.
  • USB Type-C port on the front panel.
  • Lacks PSU remote switch.
  • Proximity Sensor is a bit sensitive.

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Cooler Master is one amongst the most effective brands in terms of PC casings and power supply units. HAF XB EVO is that the smallest ATX casing you'll get for your coming build from Cooler Master. The build material utilized in this casing is steel, polymer, and mesh front edge. It comes in black color, which supplies it a lovely look loved by gamers. The height, width, and depth of Cooler Master HAF XB EVO are 13, 17.4, and 16.7 inches severally. This casing comes with a removable high and facet panel, that makes it a solid alternative, and you'll simply install or take away elements in it.

There includes a removable tray that permits you to put in and take away the Motherboard simply. you'll install ATX, Micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards thereon and might install multiple graphics cards. there's an oversized size cut on the highest of this casing, that permits you to use any C.P.U. cooler with it. There are 2 X-Dock bays that you simply will simply swap in or resolute install exhausting drives. This laptop casing supports a 180mm cooler and a 334mm graphics card. This case’s key options ar its carrying handle, some liquid cooler holes, meshed front and high panel, and dirt removing filters.

This casing’s designed quality is nice enough, however the plastic stabs on the front panel may break simply. This case is best for LAN gamers owing to its tiny size and facet handle; but, it weighs 18 pound, that could be a bit high from different lightest cases offered within the market. This casing includes a distinctive cube kind form, that separates it from all different cases offered within the market.

Overall, this casing is nice for its value and provides you all choices you would like for your build though there are another decisions too; if you think about light-weight or low price, this one may be used as an all-purpose case.

  • Good build quality.
  • Unique cube-like shape.
  • Removable top and side panels.
  • Lightweight best for LAN gamers.
  • Plastic stabs on the front panel are easily breakable.
  • It’s lightweight but still heavier than other small cases.

Riotoro CR1080

Being one among the shortest full ATX case, Riotoro calls it a middle tower case whereas they brag regarding however compact the case is.

Since the ability provide is meant to be placed behind the motherboard receptacle, thus Riotoro didn’t got to worry regarding component stack height within the Riotoro CR1080 computer case style.

There is a 5.25″ bay on the front panel of the Riotoro CR1080 and also the front I/O panel is found simply behind it on the highest of the case. It options 2 3.0 USB ports, a mike jack, a earphone jack, a button and an influence button.

The Riotoro CR1080 computer case puts the ability provide behind the motherboard tray, in contrast to the pavilion-style cases. there's a further 0.5″ of house offered on the aspect panel window so as to supply extra CPU cooler clearance. There are seven enlargement slots and an empty 80mm fan. There are 2 knock-outs below the fan mount that provides a pass-through possibility for the tube of external liquid coolers and also the intake vent for the ability provide may be seen on the left-side panel.

Removing the side panels reveal the inside of the case that contains a black color. The Riotoro CR1080 contains a fairly giant power provide bay with the drive bays placed on top of it. The case has an 80mm fan mount seen on the front panel and a few could also be able to notice that there's another a pair of.5″ SSD mounting location on the rear of the motherboard tray.

The swing-out rear drive tray will hold a three.5″ drive on high and a a pair of.5″ drive on bottom or it will hold 2 2.5″ drives on each high and bottom. there's a slide-in front tray that may support one 3.5″ or one 2.5″ drive. The Riotoro CR1080 computer case also has 3 2.5″ drive mounting holes that are placed just under the 5.25″ bay on the motherboard.

Those builders who need to use the 2.5″ drive mounts that are on the motherboard tray ought to most likely mount the drive before putting in the motherboard, because a regular ATX motherboard can cover 2 of the drive’s mounting screw holes. The Riotoro CR1080 computer case’s motherboard tray is giant enough to carry a 10.6″ deep enthusiast boards that area unit sometimes known as as EATX and it'll still leave 2.1″ of space for a radiator and front fans.

If you take away the front panel of the Riotoro CR1080 computer case, you may see 2 adjacent 120mm fan mounts with enough space on top of and below so as to clear the tip caps of most 2 x 120mm radiators. If you employ an oversized enough cooling answer, then graphics card choice becomes crucial because the 12.7″ internal depth include fans.

There area unit holes on very cheap panel of the Riotoro CR1080 computer case that may support 2 120mm fans, however there's no filter and there’s not abundant house to place one there. there is there's clearance between the motherboard’s edge and bottom panel, thus a radiator can’t be additional to those fans.

  • Compact light case, Two chamber design, Full ATX motherboard and PSU support (175mm), GPU support up to 300mm max (depending on cooiling), Storage capacity, Overal build quality is good
  • Compact minitower external dimensions, Room for oversized motherboards up to 11.7” deep, behind front fans, Supports 2x 120mm radiator on front panel, Supports a 10.6”deep ‘EATX Gaming' motherboard and a 1”thick radiator simultaneously.
  • Max card length 11.7” (with front fans), Max Power Supply Length 7.3” Max cooler height 4.6” to 5.1” depending on width, Includes only one case fan.

Corsair iCue 220T

The Corsair iCue 220T is an intriguing re-imagining of what's most likely the foremost necessary piece of case style that is sweet flow.

Having a really outlandish style, Corsair iCue 220T introduces a brand new vogue for the front panel, going for a characteristic that sometimes doesn't favor perforated metal or solid panels. The front panel of the Corsair iCue 220T computer case has parallelogram cutouts that create the pressed-steel front panel additional stunning and provides a singular look. These additionally as ventilation holes that provides the fans within the front with a decent quantity of air.

Even though the case has 3 RGB 120mm fans, still Corsair has place the iCue 220T computer case as a budget computer case. it's a daring move by Corsair, particularly with the case having such a unique style, tempered glass side panel and therefore the enclosed fans.

The front panel is control into place with four individual metal pins at every of the corners, securing into latches on the front of the chassis. The sizable projected cutout at either edge of the panel itself provides a 4cm gap between the front perforated plate and therefore the front intake fans.

There are 3 Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB professional fans that the case comes with, they're obstructed in an integrated RGB management that doesn't control the fan speed and solely controls the lighting.

Having a special internal style than most of the Corsair’s different computer cases, the Corsair iCue 220T computer case stands out. This computer case features a full-length power offer shroud. It additionally has cable pass-throughs for the GPU cut out of it and lots of rubber grommets in place everyplace else that keeps all of the cables out of the manner and tidy. On the rear of the motherboard receptacle, you'll notice a two-slot 3.5″ Winchester drive ahead of the mounting location for the ability offer and 2 2.5″ SSDs mount on the rear of the motherboard tray. There’s additionally the selection to mount the ability offer in either fan orientation, whichever you like.

The front of the Corsair iCue 20T computer case supports either 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm fans, a pair of x 140mm or 120mm fans at the highest of the case and one 120mm fan within the rear. you must not face any issues if you wish to mount a 240mm AIO at the highest of the Corsair iCue 220T computer case since the highest fan mounting positions are offset from the motherboard tray.

Even though the Corsair iCue 220T computer case could be a little on the smaller aspect for a mid-tower ATX computer case and internal area could be a little compact than most. But, Corsair iCue 220T computer case supports up to full-ATX kind issue and GPUs up to 300mm. you'll most likely not be ready to place much else within the case in terms of large hardware.

  • Strong Performer
  • Small ATX form factor
  • good price point
  • Compatibility issues
  • Doesn’t support AIO cooling with stock configuration
  • SP Fans lackluster