SteelSeries Arctis 7

Brand Steelseries
Noise Cancelling Yes
Adjustable Headband Yes
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Detachable Microphone No
Impedence 32 Ω
Compatibility PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac, VR Systems, Mobile devices

With every day, the competition among gaming headsets has become fierce and exhausting.

It takes plenty of effort and dedication in producing a headset that will face up to the ever-rising competition.

In very rare cases, I actually have come across a headset that's highly practical, offers outstanding gaming performance, and delivers the best options that a gamer would definitely like to hear.

This is what the Arctis 7 wireless gaming headsets provide at a value that crosses the $150 mark.

This is one of the best wireless premium gaming headphones I have ever used.

With perfect sound, comfortable fit, and nice style you'll undoubtedly love your gaming session.

Though it's sure downsides in terms of reduced bass, high value and low performance in surround sound, this versatile and practical headset accomplishes most of the options that an expert gamer requires for extended gaming sessions.


In terms of look, the Arctis 7 is comparable to its predecessor Arctis 5.

The reasons could also be a whole bunch, but I believe the company is quite satisfied with the previous style. For sure, the Arctis 7 comes with an elegant look, sleek however trendy style, and cozy headband.

The headband is adjustable also, and you can modify the headband per your head’s size with 2 Velcro straps that create it quite simple to use.

In terms of colors, there's not an extensive assortment to decide on from, as you'll get either black or white color.

Though it's quite larger than normal headsets, you'll still enjoy it while traveling, and it fits simply in a backpack thanks to its adjustable style and rotatable ear-cups.

We found some of the helpful buttons on this headset.

The left button homes a small USB charging port, a volume slider, and a 3.5mm audio jack to use for mobile phones.

On its right facet ear cup, there's a chat volume slider and also the power button to show it on.

One good factor about Arctis 7 is that you can use it on mobile phones while not charging the headset by using its 3.5mm audio jack.

But without turning on the device you can't experience the surround sound feature on a mobile.


According to comfort, the Arctis 7 is extraordinary. this is due to its plastic band that matches well and perfectly.

Surprisingly, this feature is out there in just SteelSeries headsets that makes them pioneers in innovation and ability.

The ear cups give max noise cancellation as they work perfectly around the ears.

The comfort level that I received from this headset can be gauged from the fact that I never felt that I was wearing a headset even when using them for over 3 hours.

But keep in mind, tho' they'll be used for walking and running because of the Velcro strap that creates the headset fit tightly around the ears, recommended not the headset suggested for running or walking.

For running or walking you may attempt alternative headsets offered in the market.

Gaming Performance

In each gaming choice and feature, the Arctis 7 proved to be the simplest complementary headset to the competitor headsets.

I was even more stunned to check that it gave a similar gaming performance as I achieved in some wired headsets, tho' this is often impossible in most of the cases.

Not only I was ready to get a bunch of equalization choices, but however I additionally got the DTs 7.1 surround sound also stereo sound.

For different tasks like calling on skype, enjoying games, and listening to some refreshing music, I was ready to use different customizations and configuration choices and such a flexible configuration feature makes it a useful wireless gaming headset.

In each game I played using the Arctis 7, I was ready to intercept my enemies thanks to the clean sound, and I could simply make out the minute sound of footsteps of enemies approaching toward me in Overwatch StarCraft II, Marvel Heroes, and also the Witcher 3.

The SteelSeries Engine 3 software proved quite useful on behalf of me in this look on I was ready to create profiles for multiple games severally.

Battery Life

After releasing the Arctis 7, the SteelSeries claimed that the headset’s battery lasts nearly 15 hours that was quite spectacular.

However, things became fascinating when the release of its firmware update in which the battery performance was improved up to 24 hours on one charge.

However, in our take a look at, the battery may last nearly 18 hours after the continuous use of Arctis 7 that remains far better for immersive and long gaming sessions. Also, its charging time is sort of spectacular and it gets totally charged in a number of minutes.


On the left ear cup, the headset comes with a folding microphone. Like its predecessors, the Arctis 7’s mic fared well on each side.

Not only the microphone delivered clear sound to my teammates, however additionally it canceled any external sound perfectly.

The mic but offers a touch heavy pitch, which supplies a high tone on sound like “o and s”.

It helps to deliver a transparent and unflawed sound during gaming that is possible only by premium gaming headsets.


As the Arctis 7 comes with all potential connectivity ports and buttons to effectively control the headset.

This is the explanation the Arctic 7 comes with each wired and wireless connectivity choices. As mentioned earlier that there's a 3.5mm audio jack for wired property choices.

But you've got to compromise over surround sound and software when using wired choices. You can, however, enjoy all the options in wireless connectivity choices.

The headset is compatible with all major devices particularly, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In wireless connectivity, it uses a USB dongle to attach with alternative devices. the most property vary offered by this headset is quite 10 meters with no blockage by walls.

As you recognize that the Arctis 7 is a wireless model, you can connect the wireless amplifier through the USB port of the pc, then connect the amplifier with a headset to enjoy using this headset.


The Arctis 7 uses the most superb and easy SteelSeries Engine 3 software.

The software enabled us to customize its sound and allowed US to create different profiles for various games we played using it.

One factor that is very important to notice that the 7.1 surround sound feature is accessible only if the software is used.

Using the software I was able to adjust the sound and set output frequencies at totally different ranges.

One spectacular feature of SteelSeries Engine 3 is its Library section. In each tab of saved profiles for various games, you can see the SteelSeries’s synchronize choices for headset, mouse, and keyboard profiles in one place.

The availability of synchronizing choices for these devices is out there only if you're using all the devices developed by SteelSeries. Overall the software package is far user-friendly and simple.

Music Performance

In music performance, the Arctis 7 proves far better than different gaming headsets.

Though it couldn't live up to the headsets dedicated for the music, however all the songs I listened to using the Arctis 7 were pretty clear with good balance among bass, vocals, and treble.

The feature that created my music experience a lot of immersive and delightful was the surround sound in which I felt that I was listening to the music in the studio.

But for this purpose, I had to reconfigure the headset sound each time using SteelSeries Engine 3 software package. Also, the default Music presets offered in the software are a lot of pretty and handy to enjoy the best equalization experience.

Overall the Arctis 7 is an excellent alternative for listening to everyday music, however keep in mind this is often not a professional headset dedicated to music, therefore don’t expect huge music performance from this headset.

  • Fits perfectly
  • Good battery life
  • Highly comfortable for hours of gaming sessions
  • Excellent sound
  • A little bit weak bass
  • On Xbox One it needs wire
  • Lacks surround sound when not turned on