Microsoft has reversed its controversial Xbox Live increase. the company declared a worth hike on weekdays that will have doubled the value of a yearly subscription to the service, that is needed to play games online on Xbox consoles, to $120 for several users.

Now, though, Microsoft says the worth can keep constant.

Beyond that, Microsoft has set to bring Xbox live in line with Sony and Nintendo’s online services by dropping the subscription demand for free-to-play games. well-liked free-to-play titles like Fortnite are playable on PlayStation consoles and therefore the Nintendo Switch without an online subscription, however, you continue to want one for Xbox consoles.

Here’s Microsoft’s full statement, which was simply delivered as an update to a blog:

we messed today and you were right to allow us to recognize. Connecting and playing with friends is an important part of gaming and that we did not meet the expectations of players who estimate it each day.

As a result, we've set not to change Xbox Live Gold pricing.

Microsoft’s focus in recent years has been on Xbox Game Pass, which has an ultimate tier that features access to Xbox Live Gold.

While Game Pass provides a nice price for several players, the Gold worth will increase came off as a shot to nudge people into paying for the costlier service.

It’s not shocking that the initial announcement was therefore poorly received, however Microsoft’s reversal is nice news for Xbox Live Gold subscribers who aren’t interested in Xbox Game Pass and even higher news for people who solely use Xbox Live Gold to play free-to-play games.