Manufacturers turn out a great deal of wonderful gaming laptops each year, however none of them produce them with a similar quality and build as ASUS.

Other than their specialized Republic of Gamers line, the company also ensures that each laptop, no matter its use, is optimized for gaming.

Today, we’re listing four of the simplest ASUS gaming laptops of 2021.

Asus TUF A15

Gaming laptops want specifications so high that their value varies usually exceeds $2,000. however not the Asus TUF A15.

Whether you wish it for graphic style, multimedia editing, or gaming, this laptop provides good performance and battery life for a bit under $1,200. It already comes with an NVIDIA GPU, which is the best in the market, and an i7 processor.

It also supports 144Hz refresh rates, thus you can play FPS games lag-free. It’s not the most effective laptop out there in terms of graphics and speed, however since it uses fewer resources, it also uses less power. this permits it to last 4 hours without charging.

Asus Strix Scar 15

The Asus Strix Scar 15 has similar specifications thereto of a gaming PC. apart from the newest NVIDIA GTX GPU, it also supports a 1080p IPS show for the simplest visuals possible.

If you weren’t aware, laptops usually come in 2 monitor types: TN and IPS. TN laptops have high refresh rates and display speeds however an almost-faded color display. IPS, on the other hand, features a nearly 100% correct color show however usually sacrifices this for slow processors. makers of the Asus Strix Scar 15 used close lighting techniques to develop an IPS monitor capable of a 3ms response time.

Competitive eSports players won’t notice higher specifications.

ZenBook professional duo

If you play a great deal of high-resolution games with breathtaking graphics just like The Witcher 3, then you can’t go wrong with the ZenBook professional duo.

This laptop not only has one however 2 4K display screens that’ll allow you to enjoy your game and run something else in the background. For advanced designs just like the ZenBook professional duo, 3D component bodies required to be created in an exceedingly footprint library to make sure its accuracy throughout its assembly.

The laptop’s double 4K touchscreens use the newest computing technology, so it’s a touch pricier than different models on this list.

Then again, alongside its built-in SSD and i9 processor, it'll certainly be well worth the cash.

Asus Zephyrus G14

If you’re the sort of user who needs a laptop for things other than gaming while not losing the gaming specifications, then the Asus Zephyrus G14 might be more up your alley.

It’s designed for nearly anything, from programming to multimedia editing. Plus, its thin and lightweight chassis makes it incredibly portable, despite the heavy hardware. not like most gaming laptops, this one comes with an AMD Ryzen processor.

This suggests that whereas you can’t overclock the laptop’s performance, the Asus Zephyrus G14 will at the same time run more applications.

Again, it doesn’t matter much for gaming, however if you wish to open multiple windows and software for work, it’s one in every of the simplest choices on the market.


From a full-fledged gaming laptop to all-around hardware that’s also designed for gaming, ASUS ensures that there’s a model for every kind of user. As such, each user searching for a gaming laptop should start with ASUS.